Ecumenical Stewardship Center Leadership Seminar

 PowerPoint for Conference

Generosity in an Emerging Generation

Here are some of the ideas we came up with as far as how cultural changes are impacting generosity:

  • We need to celebrate success, tell stories of success
  • Our programs need to be based on relationships–on building relationships between givers and recipients and between givers and friends. It is when we leverage the power of the social networks of individuals–when 1 person tells another person about something that has caught their attention–that’s when people pay attention.
  • We need to ask for appropriate commitments–many people are no longer willing to make long-term commitments–1 time things may be more effective
  • We need to affirm people–let them know we are paying attention–we need to craft our messages with the audience in mind.
  • We need to “relocate” people–help them find their focus and wholeness in life by helping them become holistically passionate about Jesus Christ.  Once they have that focus, we can more easily move them toward giving.
  • We need to keep our vision focused
  • We need to connect people with each other–with other people who are interested in the same sorts of things–to leverage their “cognitive surplus

Other ideas include:

  1. videos–take videos & pictures of missions’ trips, interviews with people on the field–help people SEE where there money is going–help them connect with an individual
  2. remove text and replace with pictures, images, slideshows
  3. instead of a budget total, create a catalouge with pictures of things that the money will go for.
  4. Create a budget with hyperlinks to pictures, videos & websites
  5. Use Facebook and Twitter to help people experience things real time (i.e. disaster relief, missions trip, car wash, etc…)
  6. skyping missionaries

That’s what we came up with at the conference.  Are there things I forgot?  Additional things you think are important?  This might just be the place to begin the discussion.

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