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Welcome to my blog! Wondering who I am? Here are some cold, hard facts:

Dr. Peggy Kendall, Professor of Communication Studies


Bethel University, St. Paul Minnesota USA. I have been a Bethel faculty member since 1999 (Correct. That’s over 20 years. I know, I just don’t look all that old.) In addition to teaching, writing and research, I also co-lead a study abroad semester to Europe every other fall semester.

I have published 3 books, each related to the impact technology has on our faith.51snusslszl._sx321_bo1,204,203,200_

My most recent area of research examines ElderCare.

I speak around the country on issues related to things like:

  • The impact of technology
    • “Social Media Fruit and Our Kids”
    • “Parenting with Love: Stepping out of the Cultural Stream”
    • “Be here. Now.”
    • “Rebooting our faith: How cell phones, Facebook, and text messages fundamentally alter our operating system.”
    • “Technology: Is it Worth Paying Attention?”
    • “Pop Tart Technology Theology”
    • “Friendship in a wireless world”
  • Ministry
    • “Youth Ministry for a Technological World”
    • “The New Normal: Finding Ways to Connect to a Tweeting, Facebooking, 3-D Generation.”
  • Pedagogy
    • “Facebook, Cell Phones, and Google: What Social Technology Can Teach Us About How to Better Engage our Students”
    • “Deconstructing the 21st Century Learning Paradigm”
  • Spiritual Growth
    • “What happens when God is too small?”
    • “Never enough: A Mom’s Journey of Grace in a World of Hospitals, Wheelchairs, and a Very Special Son”

The courses I regularly teach include:

  • Public Speaking
  • Facilitating Difficult Conversations
  • Qualitative and Qualitative Research Methodology
  • Group Communication
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Organizational Communication
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