I am celebrating 20 years as a professor. (I never thought I would last more than a few months.) What keeps me at the same job year after year? Sometimes it is the learning. I feel renewed excitement every time I walk into a classroom, open a book, or dive into a new research project. Sometimes it is the laughing (the uncontrollable, stomach hurting kind) when a student “gets” my sense of humor or a class comes together to find humor in an otherwise boring theory or assignment.  Sometimes it is the adventuring. Traveling around Europe with a bunch of young people will never grow old and will forever keep me young.

I teach Communication. I study Eldercare and the Impact of Technology on Faith. I lead students on study abroad trips. I write. I play Candy Crush. I eat desserts. I have fun. This blog is created to share academic things, thoughtful things, and silly things. Thanks for stopping by.