Churches on Pinterest

Here is a link to a small list of churches that are using Pinterest. At the Converge workshop we ended by contemplating possible uses of the 3rd fastest growing social media site. Mars Hill has a nicely organized page that draws the reader into links on their website. Each of their blogs, testimony-type stories, announcements, or sermon series is accompanied by a well done picture that is then pinned and organized on their board. Actually, their board seems a bit more well organized and accessible than their website which can feel a bit overwhelming. perhaps this is the new look of information seeking and communi building.

One Reply to “Churches on Pinterest”

  1. I've been playing with the idea of using Pinterest for my church and our youth group, but I simply couldn't figure out exactly how I would use it. Thank you for providing us with that link—I'm going to go check out with other churches are doing. I'm sure it will give me some terrific ideas that I can bring to my fellow ministers.

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