Just Another Day in Intensive Care

Once again, I sit here watching a ventilator breathe for my son.  While I hadn’t expected to include a lot of health perspective in my blog on technology and faith, I can’t help but be struck by the overwhleming presence of technology in my son’s recovery. That, in turn, has an enormous impact on my faith. 

As much as we have always tried to keep my son’s life as uncomplicated as possible, this recent trip to the ICU has reminded me how very fragile his life is and how close we live every day to chaos.  Today, he has a machine breathing for him, a tube feeding him, and a bed that turns him every 10 minutes to help clear his lungs. I sit here on a Sunday morning, contemplating God’s love for my son. Put quite plainly, my son wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the technology that often complicates his life. Just like God works through nature and simple beauty, he also works through ugly and cluttered technologies. He works through the curt and dismissive doctor at the same time he works through a mother’s loving caress.  God is here in this hospital room and, even though he may be difficult to hear through the noisy machines, he ministers to my heart more clearly than he does on a silent summer day.  I guess this may be the ultimate joining of live-giving technology and soul-refreshing faith. 

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