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Time is not the Answer

Newsong: Life in My Day

My cell phone's ringing and I'm running late
The morning traffic's got me
Time is ticking away
A few more hours is all that I need
Seems that there are just enough days in the week
But then it hits me
TIme is not the answer
You've given me all the time in the world
All that I need is..

A little more life in my day
A little more of Your life
A little more faith
Need a little more life in my day
A little more life to show me the way
If I'm gonna be in the world but not be of it
Lord I need more of You in all that I do
With a little more life in my day


Although I've heard Newsong's song before, I finally heard the words the other day.  What a challenge they present! Time is not the answer--you've given me all the time in the world.  What I need is a little more life in my day. If we could only worry more about squeezing out every bit of life from each day instead of squeezing out every spare minute--how would life be different?  How would my priorities change?  Would I stay on my cell phone as I walked past friends? Would I keep watching T.V. as my daughter sits down next to me? Would I hop on e-mail every time I sit down to my computer? That's not what life is all about. It is about significance.  It is about relationships. It is about loving God with my heart, mind and strength--everything.  As I get ready for work this morning, I will try and remind myself each time I look at the clock that time really is not the answer.