Godtube: A New Way to Spend a Saturday Night
Friday, December 28, 2007 at 12:36PM
Peggy Kendall

Looking for a little entertainment?

You might want to spend a little time on Godtube (Godtube.com).  It is similar to Youtube, but a lot more wholesome. You can find everything from a daily devotional, a motivational speaker, a Christian music video, an evangelistic tool, or a just plain fun or moving video.  I first visited because my son had mentioned it to me, but I find myself going back to see what is new.  If you find something particularly fun, why not send the link to your child?

Godtube is a clean version of Youtube.  If you haven't visited Youtube, you may want to try it out (chances are your kids access it a lot).  I know my students often spend downtime hanging out, seeing what is new, catching up on their favorite t.v. show, watching music videos, and searching for something funny to laugh about.  There are lots of really interesting and funny things to be entertained with on Youtube, but you need to be aware, there is also lots of pornography that is easily accessable.  It might be worth a conversation with your child--what makes a good youtube video?  How do they avoid the many bad videos? what's the best video they've seen?  These kinds of discussions are just what kids need to begin thinking about how they are using multimedia and how they can become thoughtful and wise consumers.

 Whatever the case, don't miss out on these videosharing sites.  Your kids use them and you may also find a new way to be entertained. I have to be honest, one of the most fun I've had with my college-aged son is when we sit down and share our favorite Youtube and Godtube videos with each other.  They spark good conversations and provide a space where we can relax and have a few good yuks.  Before we know it, our traditional idea of sitting down on a Saturday night to watch a video may look a whole lot different.

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