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Reboot is available through Judson Press or any major online bookseller.  It is my latest book that looks at how technology is impacting more than just our is also impacting us. Reboot looks specifically at ways our faith may be marginalized as our technology slowly shifts our values, relationships and even how we view our Creator.  

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View a few reviews of Reboot from some friendly bloggers:

"...I fear overstating myself sometimes, but I honestly believe that any Christian who uses technology, such as a phone, TV, or computer, should read this book or borrow it from someone. Fork over the $14. It’s worth it."  -Ed Cyzemski

John Dyer's blog is another good one that specifically looks at faith and technology. He reviewed Reboot, but also has regular inisghts on technology & faith.

Connected: Christian Parenting in an Age of IM & Myspace was named an "Outstanding Product" from iParenting Media Awards.  Information on the award can be found through iParenting:  (a Disney media subsidiary).

 Connected was also listed as one of the top 50 parenting books for teens and tweens on

 And don't let the title fool you.  Social Media tools change, but many of the principles stay the same.


  Rewired is designed especially for youth workers.  Although the specific pieces of technology change (i.e. Myspace to Facebook), the principles and ideas are still applicable for anyone who uses technology to connect with kids.

 All books are available from Judson Press.