Day 17: The Buzz is Gone--Now What?
Wednesday, February 22, 2012 at 02:02PM
Peggy Kendall in 30 Day Challenge, social media

I remember last month like it was yesterday.  I would get all goose bumpy when I posted a Tweet and my world rocked when someone "liked" a Facebook comment. Yeah, I miss those days.  Now, a new tweet is nothing special. I can post a Facebook status in my semi-awake state in the morning before I go to work and can post a pin on Pinterest in between making dinner and falling asleep watching the evening news. My tweetdeck chirps, and I don't even care--I don't know the person chirping at me anyway.  My voyage toward social media competence now reminds me of that scene in the Chronicles of Narnia when the Dawn Treader runs out of wind and just floats around (I believe that's the part right before they are attacked by bad monster-things). Yep. I have begun to master the tools, but am growing weary.  I still don't have many real friends on Twitter but I continue to get connected to good blogs and identify good trends in my professional work.  The Facebook posts keep scrolling on, whether I pay attention or not. And although I still struggle with who my audience is--my mom, publisher, spammer, former student or future employer--I got 48 birthday wishes from people who at least knew my name. 

As this social experiment evolves, I continue to parse through what is worthwhile and what isn't.  And although I am wondering even more seriously about the ROI of blogging, I am getting into a workable routine of surveying my social media environment and trying to manage some sort of momentum.  And maybe that's what this part of the voyage looks like--surveying and maintaining.  We all know that if there is nothing new--whether it be in our Facebook or Twitter work, we will die.  Well, ok, that might be overstating the metaphor, but if we are too inactive, people will stop paying attention.  But if we are too active, they might forget what we look like at our real job--the one we get paid for. So maybe my lesson for today is that when things get busy and we don't have anything terribly pressing to say, we need to shift into survey and maintain mode--keeping enough wind in the sails to keep us moving so when the next great idea comes, our sails will be ready to go. As I sit in the social media doldrums, I will continue to move.

Sail on, baby, sail on.

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