Fruity Parenting
Monday, April 4, 2011 at 08:05PM
Peggy Kendall

PowerPoint from Woodbury Community ChurchThis past week I spoke at Woodbury Community Church.  It was an interesting evening, because the topic wasn't specifically about parenting and technology.  Rather, it was about parenting in general.  It was fun because I have spent the last week pondering what it means to be a good parent to my "soon to be gone to college" daughter. Apart from my issues with technology (yes, she is sitting right across from me, typing on Facebook, sending me Skype messages every now and then), my job as a parent these days seems more about role modeling than lecturing.  I have been convicted about what I am teaching her.  For instance, am I teaching her how to have an overwhelming schedule and an underwhelming family life?  Am I role modeling busyness, tiredness, and messed up priorities?  Or am I role modeling peace, patience, kindness, know, those fruit of the spirit things?  The bottom line--how do I do good parenting?  I need to get my priorities straight.  I need to find space in my life--big time.  As I spoke on the fruit of the spirit at Woodbury, I was struck at how none of the fruit have anything to do with multi-tasking,efficiency, and productivity.  The fruit of the spirit take time.  They take focus.  They take me re-adjusting my priorities.  That is my goal this week..becoming the parent that I hope my daughter can role model.  Peace, patience kindness...I pray that will infiltrate the things I do. I don't have much time left with my daughter.  I need to make the time count.


If you'd like to see or use the powerpoint I put together for my presentation, click here

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