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4-Week Study of Reboot

The following powerpoints were developed for a 4-week Adult Sunday School class.  Feel free to use the powerpoint presentations.  Each presentation has discussion questions and video links.


Week 1: The Reality Challenge

The 1st week is designed to introduce the topic of technology and faith and get individuals thinking about what kind of technology they use and how it is impacting them.  It begins with an introduction to Second Life, drawing the analogy that even though we may not live in this virtual world, many of our experiences are mediated. The homework assignment is a Technology Fast.

Powerpoint #1

Week 2: The Value Challenge

The 2nd week examines how technology speeds up our world, adds noise and makes our lives more complex. It is a challenging call toward intentional disconnection.  While the Powerpoint presentation has my personal examples at the beginning of each major slide, the facilitator has the opportunity to add his or her own examples. The homework assignment is to take 30 minutes of solitude during the week.

Powerpoint #2


Week 3: The Relationship Challenge

The 3rd week examines how technology is impacting our relationships and communities--both good and bad.  The homework assignment is a Facebook Hunt and a challenge to find ways to focus.

Powerpoint #3


Week 4:  The Faith Challenge

The 4th week examines Christian community, worship, and faith.  Participants are challenged to consider where their communities are and how they can better focus their energy.  Interesting issues of church worship can also be included.  The final challenge has to do with how technology might be reducing the size of our faith.

Powerpoint #4